jueves, 10 de marzo de 2011

Co-de-IT @Firenze March 25-27 by Giulio Piacentino

Advanced Grasshopper Workshop
Advanced Grasshopper
This is a scripting course based on RhinoCommon and its utilization within Grasshopper. It is designed to allow the user to accomplish more with this algorithmic modeling program and has the goal to enter the programming world and tinker more complex, interactive solutions. We will also explore advanced programming paradigms. There is no class official programming language, as both C# and Vb.Net are possible on the participant’s side, and all examples will be provided in both C# and Vb.Net. Additionally, we will see how to get started writing full .Net plug-ins. Finally, we will have time to explore user’s own proposals on the third day.
The participants number is established to a maximum of 20 people in order to ensure a fruitful tutoring as well as a consistent learning experience to all participants.
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