sábado, 5 de marzo de 2011

ACADIA 2011 Regional - Parametricism

CONFERENCE March 10-12, 2011
ACADIA 2011 Regional - Parametricism:  Student Performance Criteria (SPC), is set to complement ACADIA’s mission of facilitating communication and critical thinking regarding the use of computers in architecture, with a specific focus on the impact of education and how computation and computational thinking, particularly the concept of Parametricism*, is poised to evolve design thinking and the future of architectural practice.  In a type of radical parametric pragmatism, we invite sessions, papers, and discussions to the ACADIA Regional Conference that projectively interrogate a parametric frontier which both engages and surpasses fulfillment of SPC, and other regulatory criteria, in the pursuit of design innovation and elegance. Far from a solitary academic endeavor, it is our goal that the conference becomes a conversational interface between practitioners, educators, researchers, designers, and students. Each, bringing implementations in computational and parametric based design, development, production, management, and manufacturing that have infiltrated, integrated, and excelled working methodologies and resultants. * Patrik Schumacher

Tom Verebes, oceanD 
Jeff Day, MIN | DAY 
Nate Miller, NBBJ

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