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Parametric Prototypes: New Computational Paradigms in Architecture

International Exhibition Conference & Workshop
Xi’an China, October 2009
Curatorial Team: Minfei Jing :: Qin Pang :: Yanchuan Liu :: Feng Xu
Honorary Curatorial Chairman: Tom Verebes
During the 30 years since China’s international emergence, a parallel revolution has taken place across the global landscape of architectural culture – the digital revolution – which has transformed nearly every architectural office, institute and school around the world. Alongside this wholesale technological re-tooling of architectural practice and education lies the imminent intellectual challenge for our generation: To discover the theoretical, cultural and social implications of these new computational practices. The task of the contemporary architect is not merely to adopt ubiquitous technologies, but also to scrutinize how new methodologies help to re-think the endurance of culturally specific design arenas. The events related to this international exhibition, conference & workshop explore the evolving discourses related to the design and materialization of increasingly complex, computationally driven architecture. To be published as a hardbound book and catalogue, the aim of these events is to speculate upon, and to articulate, new design paradigms for the next generation.


Parametric Prototypes: New Computational Paradigms in Architecture
Opens on 17 October 2009
Parametric Prototypes crosses conventional disciplinary boundaries by bringing together a wide range of architects, urbanists, engineers, mathematicians, programmers, software developers, manufacturers, theorists, and other specialists. These six curatorial themes address the specific workflow procedures, modes of operation, decision-making and thought processes, inherent to parametric design and prototyping systems which migrate across various design industries.
  • Generative Systems :: Analysis & Feedback :: Synthesis & Application Documents & Communication :: Management :: Prototyping & Production

New Computational Paradigms :: 17-18 October 2009
All 15 main exhibition contributors will be invited to participate in a conference all day on Saturday 17 October, and the morning of Sunday 18 October 2009, including the presentation of conference papers, projects, and round table discussions. In addition to these 15 participants, a selection of other theorists, writers, designers, artists, musicians, mathematicians, programmers, and software developers will participate in this conference. Further details will be announced soon.

Parametric Prototypes :: 12-16 October 2009
An intensive workshop, open to current students, graduates and professionals, will be led by experts in parametric design and prototyping technologies. Further details on the agenda, application procedures and fees will be announced soon.

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